Puppet show for kids in alameda, ca

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Puppet show for kids in alameda, ca

Puppet Show for Kids in Alameda - California Kids Fun & Magical Moments Entertainment

Welcome to the ultimate destination for children’s entertainment! We specialize in creating magical and memorable experiences for kids’ birthdays and private parties in Alameda. Our delightful puppet and magic shows are tailored to captivate young audiences, bringing joy, laughter, and wonder to every event.
If you are looking to hire a puppet show for kids in Alameda and amaze your guests. California Kids Fun is here to entertain your party guests with a silly puppet show, magic show, comedy ventriloquism, and balloon twisting.

From enchanting kids’ birthday parties to educational school programs, and engaging corporate kids events, California Kids Fun offers a variety of performances to suit every audience.
We have a lot of puppet shows tailored for every celebration. Explore our puppet shows and find the perfect match for your next occasion.

Puppet show for kids in alameda

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Benefits of Professional Puppet Show for Kids in Alameda - California Kids Fun Services Near You:

Discover the numerous advantages of choosing professional puppet show services for kids in Alameda with California Kids Fun & Magical Moments Entertainment:

  • Engaging and Interactive Performances
  • Educational Content Woven into the Shows
  • Memorable Entertainment for Birthdays, Parties, and Events
  • Localized Fun Tailored to Alameda’s Vibrant Community

Choosing a Local Puppet Show for Kids in Alameda - Services Company: California Kids Fun

When it comes to puppet shows for kids in Alameda, California Kids Fun stands out as your local go-to source. Our commitment to creating magical experiences, combined with years of expertise, makes us the preferred choice for parents and event organizers alike. Trust us to bring joy and wonder to your special occasions through our immersive puppet and magic shows.

Reasons Why You Should Choose California Kids Fun for your puppet show for Kids in Alameda.

  • Immersive and Interactive: Our puppet shows involve the audience, making them an integral part of the magical experience.
  • Educational Value: We seamlessly integrate educational elements into our shows, creating a balance of fun and learning.
  • Customizable Themes: Tailor the puppet show to match your event’s theme, ensuring a personalized and memorable experience.
  • Local Expertise: As a Alameda-based company, we understand the unique preferences and interests of the local community.
Cost of Puppet Show for Kids in Alameda - California Kids Fun:

At California Kids Fun Puppet and Magic Shows, we offer competitive and transparent pricing for our puppet show services in Alameda. The cost may vary based on the duration, customization, and specific requirements for your event. Choose from a range of carefully curated kids’ entertainment packages designed to delight and select the pricing that fits your needs.

Hire California Kids Fun Puppet and Magic Shows for your party that go beyond entertainment, creating cherished memories for your children in the heart of Alameda.


The silly puppet show presented by California Kids Fan is ideally suited for pre-school children, making it perfect for kids aged 2 to 7 years. This age range is particularly beneficial as it aligns with critical stages of development in children. At these ages, children are rapidly expanding their cognitive, social, and emotional skills. A puppet show, especially one that is interactive and educational like the one offered by California Kids Fun, can significantly aid in developing these skills and enhancing their ability to understand complex concepts in a simpler, more engaging manner.

Absolutely! Our magic shows involve audience participation, creating a dynamic and engaging experience for every child.

Yes, we offer tailored puppet and magic show packages for birthdays, making your child’s special day even more magical.

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